Dogs in Bali

Five years ago, I opened my first dog hotel in Lovina, Bali. Anyone who has been to Bali and loves animals can be very upset seeing mangy, roaming street dogs and I was no exception.

It all started when I took my 2 house dogs for a walk along the beach, as I did every day. I was appalled to find a dog that was so emaciated and hairless that I couldn’t believe no one had helped her.

So then came 3 months of patience going everyday to leave food. She was terrified of people and would not come near me. I would leave a trail of bits of ham trying to entice her near but only after 3 months would she let me touch very lightly. She began to wait around the spot where I parked or would race along the beach when she heard my car, crying and scrambling up the beach wall in her haste to reach me.
More to come.

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